The Bel-Air winery

The wine-growing and wine-making activity of Bel-Air dates back to around 1920. If the Chervet family has always owned vines in the Vully and worked them and then vinified their crops, it was around 1970 that Alfred Chervet, too busy with the restaurant , prefers to rent the family vines to Gilbert Dupasquier and then buy the grapes from him. Vinification continued in our cellar until 2017. It is today alongside Christophe Dupasquier, oenologist by profession, that the Bel-Air stores its wines in a brand new cellar, built by Christophe. Our cellar offers among others, among our various specialties, the traditional Chasselas, aperitif wine par excellence, a Pinot Noir of character as well as a blended rosé.


The aperitif par excellence. A fresh and slightly sparkling wine that will accompany you throughout your meal.


Vinified for the first time in 2000, for the centenary of Bel-Air, this Chasselas finishes its maturation in acacia barrels which gives it a slightly woody note.


The sweet chasselas, a note of sweetness to accompany your dessert or any dish centered on bitterness. This Chasselas is vinified using the cryo method and then matured in acacia barrels.

Pinot Gris

A mutation of Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris is a powerful wine with flattering and marked aromas.


Made from a blend of Garanoir and Mara, this rosé with a beautiful ruby color is a refreshing wine that will seduce you.

Pinot Noir

Its beautiful dark color and silky tannins, encouraged by its aromas of forest fruit, make it a pleasant and structured wine.


Made from a blend of Pinot Noir and Garanoir, a marriage between subtlety and animality, this wine will satisfy wine lovers with fine and delicate characters.


Pure garanoir, aged in acacia barrels, this powerful and very wild wine will coat your taste buds with its powerful tannins.

Vully Rouge

Blend of Gamaret, Garanoir and Galotta, a wine of powerful character, of a very pronounced color with ample and robust aromas.


Grappa Bel-Air is made from whole fermented grapes then distilled and finally aged.


The marc is the product resulting from the fermentation of the remains of the grape after pressing.


The marc is the product resulting from the fermentation of the remains of the grape after pressing. The old marc is then aged and aged in barrels which gives it its darker color.